SFOS 15.01.0 MR-2



System will be rebooted

Betroffene Produktgruppen


  • NC-5384: Simultaneous login fails even after setting it explicitly in user properties, applying only global limit.
  • NC-5534: SSL-VPN Connection fails due to open file limit exceed.
  • NC-5663: Unable to select or de-select individual applications while scrolling in the application filter.
  • NC-5746: Using certificate chain with intermediates leads to syntax error in reverseproxy.conf
  • NC-5775: Spurious loss of registration with Cloud (Heartbeat)
  • NC-5779: Miscellaneous Improvements in Web Proxy
  • NC-5781: WAF - Unable to create Business application policy on Alias Interface
  • NC-5810: Console Support in Support Access Tunnel
  • NC-5941: Missing Security Policy after migrating from Cyberoam to XG
  • NC-6108: Unable to create Separate Zone & Bridge AP to VLAN after migration from Cyberoam
  • NC-6196: Unable to add applications in application filter by risk level
  • NC-6233: Wireless appliances not forwarding DHCP broadcast to DHCP server in LAN with Bridge AP to LAN scenario.
  • NC-6234: Issue with customized captive portal
  • NC-6330: Logout issue with CAA (Client Authentication Agent)
  • NC-6397: Unable to release Quarantine Mails if Message-ID is null
  • NC-6489: Virtual Host rule not working when migrating from Cyberoam to XG
  • NC-6490: Interface Negotiation sets at 10HD even if it’s set to Auto Negotiation
  • NC-6511: E-Mail notification issue when there is Digest-MD5 authentication is set.
  • NC-6542: UI becomes unresponsive while adding more RED interfaces
  • NC-6590: Captive Portal is thrown from WAN side if business application policy is configured on WAN alias interface with port 8090
  • NC-6595: Few RED interfaces missing on UI if there are multiple RED interfaces
  • NC-6860: Not getting captive portal in Windows Phone
  • NC-6975: Unable to download STAC
  • NC-6978: Unable to access RDP bookmark from HTML5 Portal
  • NC-7064: Dynamic DNS service gets Dead sporadically
  • NC-7178: SSL VPN user login fails even if it’s not in SSL live user list.
  • NC-7236: Application Reports issue with Discover Mode
  • NC-7350: Improvements in SPX sender notification mail
  • NC-7385: Dynamic DNS is getting registered with wrong interface when actual interface is down
  • NC-7432: No UI after installing XG on Dell M610 Blade Server
  • NC-6509: AV scan throughput improvement