Bekannte Probleme

ITM-580 Sophos Central Trial Creation on Website

You may experience an issue creating multiple trial accounts from our Sophos website – if you are using the Safari web browser.
Safari will continue to automatically fill in the previous company name without giving you an opportunity to change. This can result in having multiple trials all using the same company name/information

CSA-1521 Sophos Central Reporting

Expected behaviour and known issues when accessing Event Reports (Logs & Reports–>Events).

CSA-1493 Sophos Central Reporting

There is a known issue when trying to export fewer than 100k events will fail (blank file/no data exported)

CPUI-1067 Sophos Central UI - Devices Page

The computer devices page (Overview–>Devices–>Computers tab) may show the wrong ip address when you hover over the extra information icon (…)

CPUI-1058 Sophos Central UI - Language

The Devices page may not fully load (blank first page) for some customers.

CPLAT-21977 Sophos Central UI

Customer ‚type‘ status incorrectly shows all customers are ‚Termed‘ in ‚Managed Customer Usage‘ Tab.

CPLAT-21764 Sophos Central Reporting

Spinning wheel seen instead of ‚No Data‘ – when selecting a tab in the ‚Peripheral‘ report when there are zero results (Logs & Reports–>Peripheral). This is not an issue in any of the tabs that have data/events to show.

CPLAT-21556 Sophos Central Authentication

When logging into Central Partner Dashboard from the page, you may get re-directed to a settings/text page instead of the Dashboard

CPLAT-21555 Sophos Central Manage Login Setting Page

When selecting the ‚back‘ button on the ‚Manage Login Settings‘ screen, you will be logged out

CPLAT-20041 Sophos Central Trial Licenses

Unable to remove old Trials customers/licenses from either Partner Dashboard or Enterprise Dashboard

CPLAT-19439 Sophos Central Reporting

When viewing or exporting events based on Dates from the ‚Logs & Reports‘ section of Sophos Central Admin; The resulting events will be shown based off of a 24 hour UTC day instead of a 24 hour period within the timezone of the user.

CPLAT-18632 Sophos Central Trial Customer Creation

After creating a new trial customer, this customer does not show up in the Partner Portal due to the email address entered is already used in Central

CPLAT-18625 Sophos Central UI

Brief/temporary „400 Bad Request“ errors may be seen related to browsers cookies

CPLAT-18365 Sophos Central Authentication

Authentication Error page seen after trying to log into „Manage Sophos Central“ (

CPLAT-17718 Sophos Central Reporting

Times presented in exported reports look different between PDF and CSV formats.

CPLAT-17541 Sophos Central UI - Language

After changing language in Sophos Central dashboard, then changing back; The audit logs –> ‚type‘ and ‚description‘ fields do not get changed

CPLAT-17331 Sophos Central License

Expired Trial or Regular Term License does not get automatically removed

CPLAT-16174 Sophos Central License Alert Widget

The License Alert Widget section on the Partner Dashboard displays total alerts for both Trial and Full licenses. Selecting the widget takes you to just the Full Licenses view.

CPLAT-15604 Sophos Central Policy Management

Updating a Website Tag in system settings, does not apply automatically to Policies those tags are assigned to.

CPLAT-15483 Sophos Central Reporting

Audit log: Does not show all data requested when choosing different ‚from‘ –> ‚to‘ dates

CPLAT-15022 Sophos Central UI

Non-Ascii characters do not display correctly for Partner Administrator Names within Portal

CPLAT-13964 Sophos Central PSA - Connectwise Integration

ConnectWise agreements names must be unique

CPLAT-12160 UI

Using Internet Explorer or Edge; the scroll bar on the right is missing/not displayed correctly within the ‚People‘ section

CESG-826 Sophos Central Policy UI

Unable to select ‚detect low-reputation files‘ toggle in Threat policy if ‚Live Protection‘ option/toggle is disabled

NC-9118 SFOS

Not able to Disable HA in GA firmware

NC-13636 VPN

L2TP connection with PSK to mobile phones not possible

NC-13647 UI

Firewall reorder is not functioning properly if theFIREWALL rules are in expanded state while doing reorder

NC-18385 WAF

WAF – redirect to original requested path after form-based auth (SFOS)


Link/Act LED glowing on Port3 & Port4 even ports are disabed in XG85/w, XG125/135/w

NC-8458 SFOS Network Services

Interface Negotiation sets at 10HD when auto negotiation is enabled


IPSec site to site between SFOS and SonicWall is not working in Aggressive mode

NC-9042 SFOS Authentication

Not able to connect SSL VPN with long Domain Name

NC-9063 SFOS Firewall

Error message while creating Hotspot

NC-9106 SFOS Framework part of base

Mail Notification not working with Office365


Super NAT not working in IPSEC Configuration


Reporting information is still availible for deleted REDs


Country groups couldnt be updated in country blocking

NC-9111 SFOS

Primary appliance reboots when trying to import AD groups where AD server is located at other side of the IPSec tunnel

NC-9113 SFOS Routing

Static Route redistribution in OSPF is not working

NC-9114 SFOS

Unable to change user profile from Administrator to User

NC-9117 SFOS Wireless

Slow wireless throughput in XG105W


Using the same split domain in more RED configurations does not work


PCI compliance issue (Web Admin / User Portal allowing TLS1.0)

NC-9133 SFOS Web

Users are unable to access few websites through Web proxy, one of them is ‚‘

NC-9134 SFOS License

License Sync Issue with Parent Proxy


Framework failed due to Incorrect IP address in IP Host

NC-13622 SFOS Clientless Access (HTTP/S)

Unable to access HTTP(s) bookmark using SSL VPN clientless access

NC-9112 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-1.1 SFOS

SMTP and Scan SMTP/s options disappear in business policy once edited several times


SMTP Service dies if there is a ‚+‘ in the address group.

NC-9102 Hotspot

Custom Logo is not displayed in Hotspot login page if Hotspot name contains whitespace

NC-9130 Mail Proxy

Email users report „winmail.dat“ attachments when „Append Signature to All Outbound Messages“ is enabled

NC-8891 SFOS

Add in Known Issue List „CHAP or CHAPV2 in L2TP & PPTP VPN with AD Configuration“

NC-8976 SFOS

Default Certificate Authority Issue with MR-1 Firmwere

NC-9122 SFOS Wireless

wireless network accept more than 32 characters Passphrase /PSK

NC-9124 SFOS Firewall

STAS not working when AD servers are reachable on WAN

NC-9128 SFOS Framework part of base

UI becomes unresponsive

NC-9131 SFOS

Default Certificate using SHA-1(PCI compliance failed)


Websockets not supported for WAF

NC-9136 SFOS Firewall - Datapath

VLAN tag is removed before arriving the LAG port

NC-13617 SFOS App Signature

Psiphon proxy signature not detected

NC-13618 SFOS Clientless Access (HTTP/S)

Unable to take GUI access of local appliance via clientless http(s) bookmark

NC-19476 SFOS Clientless Access (HTTP/S)

Unable to access SSL VPN Clientless Access Connection via HTTP(s) bookmark

NC-9641 WAF

RPC not working when Common threat filter is enabled

NC-19478 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-2 Clientless Access (HTTP/S)

Access of websites (HTTP/HTTPS) containing UTF-16 chars in the URL by bookmark is not possible

NC-11333 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 Web

Custom Logo can not upload if logo name use space between words

NC-13598 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 Firewall

10G SFP+ Network cards on Software Appliance are not recognized

NC-13620 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 Backend / Base System

Default Certificate Issue in SFOS

NC-13621 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 Reporting

Unable to view VPN reports in MR3

NC-13632 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 RED - Provisioning

Unable to do offline provisioning of RED 50 device using USB device..

NC-13642 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 Clientless Access (HTTP/S)

Clientless VPN :Japanese characters are garbled when is used as bookmark

NC-13934 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 Reporting

Auxiliary sends only some of the configured scheduled reports

NC-13619 SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 SFOS 16.01.0 Beta1 Backend / Base System Networking

Bandwidth graph on control center remains in loading state

NC-12388 SFOS 16.01.0 Beta2 Certificates

Appliance certificate is invalid after migration in specific condition.

NC-13635 SFOS 16.01.0 Beta3 IPS

QOS policy not applying on Application Category

NC-13625 SFOS 16.01.0 Beta4 Wireless

Managing Access Points over IPSec VPN is not working

NC-15921 SFOS 16.01.2 MR-1 HA (High Availability)

IPsec VPN not connecting after HA fail over through monitoring port

NC-15963 SFOS 16.01.2 MR-1 Authentication

Certificate used to sign client downloads has expired for SATC, STAS, SSO

NC-15965 SFOS 16.01.2 MR-1 Wireless

System graphs are not shown for Wireless Interfaces

NC-13637 SFOS 16.01.0 StagedRelease1 Routing

Route Precedence not followed in case of PBR and RED S2S

NC-13704 SFOS 16.01.0 StagedRelease1 Access & Identity

Clientless Access – Does not work with IE 11 and „Compatibility Settings“

NC-13946 SFOS 16.01.0 StagedRelease1 SFOS 16.01.1 StagedRelease3 Authentication

SFOSv16 : SFOS can not support username containing special characters ‚ , / „

NC-15962 SFOS 16.01.0 StagedRelease1 SFOS 16.05.0 RC-1 RED

[RED] Cannot select network in Red netmask in Red Network setting

NC-14880 SFOS 16.01.1 StagedRelease3 Web

SFOSv16 : ‚Enforce Safe Search‘ is applied globally in v16

NC-15609 SFOS 16.01.1 StagedRelease3 Backend / Base System

Quick assist brings RED site to site tunnel to disconnect

NC-17168 SFOS 16.01.1 StagedRelease3 API

SFOSv 16 : Firewall rules can be created with name null

NC-19628 SFOS 16.01.1 StagedRelease3 Authentication

Not able to browse internet using IE 11 in protective mode if authenticated through SATC

NC-16462 SFOS 16.05.0 GA Reporting

Only displayed result will be included while exporting data into HTML/ PDF / CSV

NC-17808 SFOS 16.05.0 GA Mail Proxy

Wrong decoding ff a policy with ‚Change prefix Subject‘ is configured with Umlauts.

NC-17457 SFOS 16.05.1 MR-1 Networking

Workaround needed for PPPoE username field limit

NC-19479 SFOS 16.05.1 MR-1 Clientless Access (HTTP/S)

Some websites could not be accessed through clientless access

NC-18095 SFOS 16.05.2 MR-2 Framework (UI)

Can not filter for ‚Rule Type‘ in Log Viewer

NC-22206 SFOS 16.05.5 MR-5 Clientless Access (HTTP/S)

Bookmark of websites that require NTLM authentication don’t work in clientless authentication

NC-21351 SFOS 16.05.6 MR-6 Networking

Existing traffic doesn’t pass through active gateway after the failback from backup gateway..

NC-22697 SFOS 16.05.6 MR-6 Web

Citrix Base web application ( is not working with Allow ALL Web Policy

NC-21545 SFOS 16.05.7 MR-7 Networking

SFOS Wizard fails when specific IP range configured on Network Configuration

NC-22372 SFOS 16.05.7 MR-7 Mail Proxy

Missing Prefix Subject with IMAP and several Mail Clients

NC-25749 SFOS 17.0.0 GA IPsec

IPSec v16 to v17 update does not set SHA2 truncation on custom Policy’s

NC-25733 SFOS 17.0.0 GA SFOS 17.0.1 MR-1 IPsec

Can not see any custom configured IPSec Profiles „that’s using PSK and having Aggressive mode enabled“ listed after upgrading to V17MR1 although it’s being used as a policy in the IPSec Connectiont

NC-28442 SFOS 17.0.2 MR-2 SFOS 17.0.5 MR-5

RED tunnel Disconnects Every 24 hours

NC-27452 SFOS 17.0.3 MR-3 WAF

GES Question : Do we Support method=“RDG_IN_DATA“ or method=“RDG_OUT_DATA“ for RD in WAF

NC-27906 SFOS 17.0.3 MR-3 Mail Proxy

Legacy mode doesn’t support retry of E-Mail

NUTM-4310 < 9.4x Reporting

Wrong count of ssh logins in summary in executive reports

NUTM-4404 < 9.4x Web

Tranparent skiplist with additional address of UTM as destintation host doesn’t work

NUTM-4405 < 9.5x WebAdmin

Webadmin not reachable with IE11 when md5 signed certificate is used since change from NUTM-3311

NUTM-4452 < 9.4x Web

Clinet machines not able to update the SOPHOS CLOUD ANTI VIRUS while using Https scanning .

NUTM-4461 < 9.4x Network

afcd[xxxxx]: _afc_conn_get_age(): The timestamp of connection 0x019AE6CF is in the future; correcting …

NUTM-4805 < 9.5x WAF

Redirect to original requested path after form-based auth

NUTM-4903 < 9.4x Network

Route sometimes missing after UTM migration within a XEN server pool

NUTM-4971 < 9.5x Reporting

High amount of country blocking changes are not available in the last webadmin changes view

NUTM-4996 < 9.5x WAF

Webpages with Encoded Slashes Not Allowed

NUTM-5043 < 9.4x Email

Recipient verification not working with Microsoft Global Catalog (LDAP over SSL using port 3269).

NUTM-5138 < 9.5x Web

Authentication exceptions don’t work when matching by category

NUTM-5222 < 9.5x Email

missing account link/binding in pop3 database

NUTM-5346 < 9.5x Network

SOCKS Proxy with Auth failed for Skype

NUTM-5348 < 9.4x Network

WAN interface stops forwarding traffic on VM appliance

NUTM-5460 < 9.5x Web

Checksum errors while using svn checkouts through proxy

NUTM-5593 < 9.5x Web

Policy tester shows incorrect result in special case

NUTM-5734 < 9.5x Web

Logging & Reporting, View Log Files, Search Log Files, Filter issue

NUTM-5754 < 9.5x Network

OSPF ‚Announce default route‘ doesn’t work with IPv6

NUTM-5829 < 9.5x Access & Identity

Use of strict policy in combination with respond only mode

NUTM-6199 < 9.5x Sandboxd

Sandstorm parentproxy not available for license without WebProtection

NUTM-6318 < 9.5x Web

Whitelist/blacklist object can’t be recreated if filter action not saved

NUTM-6634 < 9.5x Web

HTTP proxy coredumping with EC CA certificate

NUTM-6650 < 9.5x WAF

SQL_INJECTION Critical warned instead of blocked

NUTM-6919 < 9.5x Web

Web Proxy signs certificate with search domain appended to subject if server not found

NUTM-7366 < 9.4x Installation

Installer doesn’t detect newly manufactured SG550/SG650 in 9.3x

NUTM-7496 < 9.5x Email

Delays in email processing on UTM of up to 15 minutes are possible with Email Protection enabled

NUTM-7656 < 9.5x Network

ULOGD coredumps in 9.411

NUTM-7667 < 9.5x Backend / Base System

UTM reports target host’s IP as its own hop address during traceroute

NUTM-7669 < 9.4x Network

Unable to connect SSH for 8 minutes after changing IP address on SSB5 v9.312

NUTM-7782 < 9.5x Web

UTM gets unresponsive while pattern updates were running

NUTM-7783 < 9.5x Web

httpproxy does not support non-HTTP traffic on port 80

NUTM-7784 < 9.5x Web

Warn pages with category webmail didn’t work as expected

NUTM-8000 < 9.4x Email

Failed node’s quarantined e-mails can’t be released

NUTM-8001 < 9.5x Email

SMTP ‚cannot parse spamd‘ error allowing spam

NUTM-8004 < 9.5x Network

Incorrect IPtables rules if working with object groups and interfaces

NUTM-8138 < 9.6x Access & Identity

SSL VPN connection not possible since v9.5 if organisation name contains umlauts

NUTM-8805 < 9.6x Network

Static Routes for same destination network

NUTM-8837 < 9.6x Network

Changes in static route configuration or the enabling/disabling the interfaces will cause all routes to be configured again.

NUTM-9276 < 9.6x Email

E-Mail Quarantine behaviour

NUTM-9352 Network

UTM reboots when polycom video conference is in use

NUTM-9418 < 9.6x Web

Website „“ cannot be opened properly with web proxy

NUTM-9452 < 9.5x Network

ERROR: netlink response for Increase seq numbers HA SYSTEM included errno 3: No such process

NUTM-9457 < 9.6x Email

SPX attachments with # in file name

NUTM-9704 < 9.6x Network

After upgrade to 9.508 in AWS VPC IPsec BGP status shows „state error“

NUTML-11851 And_newer Email Protection - Encryption

Problems with S/MIME-encrypted mails sent by MS Outlook 2010

NUTML-11852 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

WAS AV doesn’t work for SOAP style file uploads (as used in some OWA 2010 configurations)

NUTML-11853 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

WAF Firewall profile: mode ‚drop‘ does the same like mode ‚reject‘

NUTML-11854 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Microsoft Sharepoint / NTLM Authentication doesn’t work over WAF

NUTML-11855 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

SQL Injection Filter can be evaded pretty easily

NUTML-11856 And_newer Reporting

Please Remove SSL STS User REF_AaaUse1 and REF_AaaUse2 from reporting

NUTML-11857 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

HTTP-Proxy unresponsive on Pattern Up2Date installation

NUTML-11858 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

gzip deflate compression not working with WAF

NUTML-11859 And_newer Kernel

Amazon VPC broken in V9

NUTML-11860 And_newer Endpoint Protection - Client

Quarantine Magic: SAV reports quarantined item – yet it’s empty

NUTML-11861 And_newer Endpoint Protection - Client

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control does not work with google Chrome

NUTML-11862 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Content blocked page, URL too long/wrapped

NUTML-11863 And_newer VPN - HTML5

Username cannot be left blank for SSH connection type

NUTML-11864 And_newer Endpoint Protection - Client

Endpoint Protection cannot remove McAffee

NUTML-11866 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

HTML5 VPN: Websocket error when accessing User Portal via HTTPS proxy

NUTML-11867 And_newer Network - Routing & Bridging

Disabling bridge interface in Interfaces & Routing > Interfaces will break bridging

NUTML-11869 And_newer Reporting

Web protection Report doesn’t have hostname

NUTML-11870 And_newer Reporting

SMTP reporting doesn’t show full address

NUTML-11872 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Exchange 2010 OWA notifications don’t work

NUTML-11873 And_newer SUM

ACC Device agent not running

NUTML-11874 And_newer VPN - HTML5

HM: When User is removed from UP, auth. to HTML5 VPN Connection is still possible

NUTML-11875 And_newer Reporting

Hide ha_sync user in Last WebAdmin sessions

NUTML-11876 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

reverseproxy blocks webrequests during avira-pattern was updated

NUTML-11877 And_newer VPN - HTML5

HTML5 VPN Webapps: Popups are disabled

NUTML-11878 And_newer Reporting

IPS report for pdf and csv is incorrect

NUTML-11879 And_newer VPN - IPsec

User „m�ller“ can’t log in via Cisco VPN Clien

NUTML-11880 And_newer Reporting

SAA user names are not displayed for IPS in the reports

NUTML-11881 And_newer Backend / Base System

Fix SNMP traps for notifications

NUTML-11882 And_newer Network - Interfaces

Multiple PPPoA interfaces not working

NUTML-11883 And_newer Reporting

Websecurity reporting does not work for IPv6 address URLs

NUTML-11884 And_newer Email Protection - SMTP

SMTP extension filter does not work for mails wich contain at least one attachment with eg. japanese UTF-8 chars

NUTML-11885 And_newer AUA

Backend Membership groups limited to AD Users do not work

NUTML-11886 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

AD SSO doesn’t work if username equals domain name and domain is not explicitly specified

NUTML-11887 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Transparent Authentication does not work for IPv6 when SSL scanning is active

NUTML-11888 And_newer Installation

Support UTM 9 install on ASG 120 Rev4 with 2GB Memory

NUTML-11889 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Form hardening breaks ‚XHTML 1.0 strict‘ compliance

NUTML-11890 And_newer Reporting

Timeframe and Department missing in PDF header lines

NUTML-11891 And_newer Backend / Base System

NTP doesn’t work properly in virtualized environments

NUTML-11892 And_newer Reporting

Several search engines does not appear in the search engine report

NUTML-11893 And_newer Reporting

Reporting: in the Top Applications by Client PDF export the total column is displayed twice

NUTML-11894 And_newer Reporting

Application Control Reporting: incorrect data in the exported pdf/xls

NUTML-11895 And_newer Reporting

WAF reporting brokenness

NUTML-11896 And_newer Email Protection - Encryption

Upload of S/MIME certificates in PKCS#12 format doesn’t work

NUTML-11897 And_newer WebAdmin

Encryption User: Download PKCS#12 key doesn’t work if S/MIME is disabled

NUTML-11898 And_newer Email Protection - Encryption

OpenPGP keyserver does not work if port number is explicitly specified

NUTML-11899 And_newer Reporting

Web Protection Reporting: missing sorting order in pdf under some circumstances

NUTML-11900 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

[V9] Form Hardening blocks request due to missing token, although URL Hardening Exception should allow access

NUTML-11901 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Yahoo mobile SafeSearch can be disabled on Homepage

NUTML-11902 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

FTP over HTTP: Filenames in the FTP directory listing are not escaped

NUTML-11903 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

SSL certificate exceptions do not work for urls with an IPv6 literal as hostname

NUTML-11904 And_newer RED

RED [RED10r2]: „Any“ does not direct all traffic to UTM in Split mode

NUTML-11905 And_newer Network - Routing & Bridging

OSPF: Can’t enable ‚Interface Link Detection‘ [v9]

NUTML-11906 And_newer VPN - SSL

User can’t view Log files of SSL VPN Client

NUTML-11907 And_newer Network Protection – IPS and C&C

IPS notifications contain invalid links

NUTML-11908 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Requesting an unreachable IPv6 address leads to an endless loop in the http proxy

NUTML-11909 And_newer Network - Interfaces

Cable Modem: every renew of the ip address adds a new ip address to the dhcp interface (v9)

NUTML-11910 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

IPv6 to IPv4 fallback does not work for SSL connections in mode standard

NUTML-11911 And_newer WebAdmin

Live log for packetfilter shows numbers instead of the protocol

NUTML-11912 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Add support for Zimbra Webmail

NUTML-11913 And_newer VPN - HTML5

HTML5VPN: Problems with dropdown menus

NUTML-11914 And_newer VPN - SSL

SSL VPN not working if username from AD backend contains special characters

NUTML-11915 And_newer Endpoint Protection

‚Edit dashboard settings‘ is broken after importing an ASG V8 config

NUTML-11916 And_newer Backend - Middleware

pppoe: REF_IntPppAaa also kills REF_IntPppAaa2 interface

NUTML-11917 And_newer Reporting

Filtering in web security reporting didn’t work correctly with IE for the 2nd and more customized filter.

NUTML-11918 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

WebApplication firewall reporting does not work in timezones behind UTC

NUTML-11919 And_newer VPN - SSL

Problem with double encoding in ssl vpn remote access client part

NUTML-11920 And_newer Endpoint Protection

Clients are not listed in the UTM

NUTML-11921 And_newer Reporting

Empty graphs in Hardware and Network Usage

NUTML-11922 And_newer Network Protection – Packetfilter & NAT

HTML5 iptables rule doesn’t match for IPSec-routed hosts

NUTML-11923 And_newer Wireless Protection

Missing polish characters in Vouchers

NUTML-11924 And_newer RED

RED [RED10r2]: tries to flash itself repeatedly and does not come up

NUTML-11925 And_newer VPN - HTML5

Some buttons don�t work in HTML5 VPN.

NUTML-11926 And_newer RED

RED Split-Tunneling via UMTS is not working properly

NUTML-11927 And_newer Email Protection - Quarantine Manager

Out of Office emails are marked as spam

NUTML-11928 And_newer RED

UTM-RED Client with dynamic IP doesn’t re-establish the tunnel

NUTML-11929 And_newer Wireless Protection

Access Points section is completely missing in spanish Webadmin

NUTML-11930 And_newer RED

Static IP address assignment for RED does not work together with transparent/split mode

NUTML-11931 And_newer Network - Routing & Bridging

Bridge: Use the MAC address of the converted interface instead of the smallest one

NUTML-11932 And_newer Wireless Protection

WiFi [AP10]: Signal strength of the AP10 is stronger in V8 as in V9 with 100% TX-Power (9.1)

NUTML-11933 And_newer Reporting

Negative entries in vpn reporting

NUTML-11934 And_newer RED

RED [ASG]: red status id displayed online even if there is no traffic possible

NUTML-11935 And_newer WebAdmin Frontend – User Portal

Loadbar hangs while scrolling on dashboard

NUTML-11936 And_newer Email Protection - Encryption

S/MIME verification doesn’t work for users having different certs for verification and encryption

NUTML-11937 And_newer Wireless Protection

misrepresentation of information with wireless hotspot vouchers

NUTML-11938 And_newer Application Control

Application Control: VNC traffic will be detected as Skype

NUTML-11939 And_newer Application Control

Facebook options like facebook post are not blocked until you select ‚Facebook‘

NUTML-11940 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Multipath for ftp over http isn’t working when control and data connection use different path

NUTML-11941 And_newer RED

Vodafone ZTE K5006-Z isn’t working on REDv2

NUTML-11942 And_newer Antivirus Engines

Playing mp4 files on Safari browser is not possible while using AV scan

NUTML-11943 And_newer VPN - HTML5

Mouse control get lost after scrolling the vnc/rdp session

NUTML-11944 And_newer VPN - SSL

The wrong hostname will be used for the ssl vpn config files

NUTML-11945 And_newer Email Protection - SMTP

Wildcard Domains for SMTP Routing (Regression)

NUTML-11946 And_newer Email Protection - SMTP

Regression from V8: Recipient Verification against AD not working with LDAP-SSL

NUTML-11947 And_newer RED

RED [RED10, RED50]: prevent RED50 from being deployed as RED10 and vice versa

NUTML-11948 And_newer Network Protection - Loadbalancing & QoS

Uplink balancing: PING for monitoring via type UDP is always sent over the first active Interface (->all interfaces may go down)

NUTML-11949 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Slow file upload over WAF fails when only AV scan is enabled

NUTML-11950 And_newer RED

RED 10 stops working while handling large packets [9.1]

NUTML-11951 And_newer Network Protection – Packetfilter & NAT

display of auto packet filter rules misses VPN profiles with backend membership groups

NUTML-11952 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Windows Live-ID Sign In assistant breaks Kerberos authentication

NUTML-11953 And_newer VPN - IPsec

IP displayed instead of username when using NCP client with more than one remote networks

NUTML-11954 And_newer VPN - HTML5

Hungarian keyboard layout get lost when starting a HTML5VPN RDP session

NUTML-11955 And_newer Reporting

Reports exported to CSV files are incorrect with german localization

NUTML-11956 And_newer Management – Up2Date

System up2date are disabled without an obvious reason

NUTML-11957 And_newer Reporting

Obviously wrong traffic counting

NUTML-11958 And_newer Virtualization

installation on citrix xen server fails with 32 bit kernel

NUTML-11959 And_newer RED

The RED interfaces lost their ip addresses after license change

NUTML-11960 And_newer RED

RED 50 connection is permanently dropped after HA takeover

NUTML-11961 And_newer Reporting

Flaw in WebSec Reporting if listing users

NUTML-11962 And_newer Kernel

[e1000] Reset Adapter after Update to 9.100 and some Intel Interfaces

NUTML-11963 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Web Application Security: .docx files broken after upload and download

NUTML-11964 And_newer Reporting

Web Security reporting does not work correctly

NUTML-11965 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Not possible to activate more than 62 virtual webserver

NUTML-11966 And_newer Backend / Base System

Huawei E392 LTE Stick not working properly

NUTML-11967 And_newer Backend - Confd

Don’t show REF_AaaUseX user as a remote access online user

NUTML-11968 And_newer RED

RED50 frequently reconnecting because configuring an Additional Address as UTM-Hostname is not supported

NUTML-11969 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Outlook anywhere connection with WAF didn’t work for Mac Clients

NUTML-11970 And_newer Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Client can’t detect IE Proxy Settings

NUTML-11971 And_newer Reporting

Visit of ZDF mediathek will cause a display bug in websec reporting.

NUTML-11972 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Teamviewer via Basic-Auth Webproxy requires creds even if those are stored in the settings

NUTML-11973 And_newer Appliance Hardware

Reboot command from LCD panel doesn’t work after initial installation

NUTML-11974 And_newer Management – Up2Date

audld.plx gets stuck and UTM is not able to download patterns anymore

NUTML-11975 And_newer Network - Interfaces

VDSL reconnect results in RED 50 looping reconnects with Zyxel VMG1312-B30A Modem

NUTML-11976 And_newer Reporting

[Container] Web usage reports shows „empty result“ for domains and users

NUTML-11977 And_newer Network Protection - IPv6

Never selfmon aiccu [9.1]

NUTML-11978 And_newer Reporting

User accounts with less then 3 characters in the username are not consider from the reporting

NUTML-11979 And_newer Authentication

AD SSO fails on ReadOnly DC

NUTML-11980 And_newer WebAdmin

it’s not possible to view or download large log files in the webadmin because root partition is too small

NUTML-11981 And_newer Network Protection – IPS and C&C

ips: snort does not log correctly to logfile

NUTML-11982 And_newer Network Protection – IPS and C&C

[BETA] rephrase notifications for APT/IPS events

NUTML-11983 And_newer Email Protection - Encryption

SPX Encryption – Attachments could not be seen with Adobe XI

NUTML-11984 And_newer Kernel

MAC addresses are not rewritten correctly if DNAT is configured on bridge interfaces

NUTML-11985 And_newer Reporting

„Department Reports“ in Web Sec Reporting does not work for host objects

NUTML-11986 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

[BETA] OWA 2013 does not work if frontend type is not equal backend type

NUTML-11987 And_newer Network Protection – IPS and C&C

ips: the changes of the rule counters in the attack pattern tab are only visible when reloading the tab

NUTML-11988 And_newer Authentication

Authentication fails with users in AD Nested Groups

NUTML-11989 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

issue with HTTP/S redirection on fallback hosts

NUTML-11990 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

profile mode ‚monitor‘ does not work for Cookie signing

NUTML-11991 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Mix SSL and WAF and SharePoint 2013 will no longer allow you to save files (file is opened write protected)

NUTML-11992 And_newer SUM

Import of a filter action omits entries for blocked / allowed websites

NUTML-11993 And_newer Wireless Protection

[internal] OpenWRT Review: Wireless B devices won’t connect

NUTML-11994 And_newer Network – DHCP, DNS, NTP

Parallel dns queries fail on identical source port

NUTML-11995 And_newer Network Protection - IPv6

radvd fails to start if IPv6 prefix domain contains double quotes or reserved keywords

NUTML-11996 And_newer Email Protection - POP3

POP3 proxy antispam depends on SMTP for parent proxy

NUTML-11997 And_newer Wireless Protection

WiFi: Client list lacks some data for clients not seen for a long time

NUTML-11998 And_newer Antivirus Engines

AV scanning and ActiveSync

NUTML-11999 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

wrong HTTP/S redirect using multiple vhosts with wildcard domains and subdomains

NUTML-12000 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Rev. Auth.: session management with multiple profiles

NUTML-12001 And_newer High Availability - Cluster

[NUTM-407] Up2Date button can be used before all up2date packages are distributed to all nodes

NUTML-12002 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Eicar virus was uploaded althought the WAF said „Access denied with code 400“

NUTML-12003 And_newer VPN - SSL

Pinging the SSL client gateway IP address from the server side fails.

NUTML-12004 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Rev. Auth.: form auth fails with some browsers if path contains special characters

NUTML-12005 And_newer Reporting

Graphs in Executive Report are only shown if „Daily executive report“ option is enabled

NUTML-12007 And_newer Reporting

Argos information is not synced to cluster slave – http proxy requests cannot be authorized

NUTML-12008 And_newer Authentication - OTP

implement option for manual and automatic sync of time drift of hardware OTP tokens to UTM

NUTML-12009 And_newer Appliance Hardware

82583V e1000e – Detected Hardware Unit Hang and Reset adapter unexpectedly

NUTML-12010 And_newer SFOS 15.01.0 MR-2 SUM

Import of Filter Exceptions from UTM to SUM fails

NUTML-12011 And_newer Virtualization

[Hyper-V] No link status reported with ‚tulip‘ driver (legacy NICs)

NUTML-12012 And_newer SUM

SUM agent uses deprecated names of reporting graph ph-files

NUTML-12013 And_newer Endpoint Protection

‚Force caching for Sophos Endpoint updates‘ still doesn’t work correctly everytime

NUTML-12014 And_newer Virtualization

NIC ordering on VMWare not stable, might change if interface are added/removed

NUTML-12015 And_newer Network Protection – Packetfilter & NAT

Correctly account Confd ipsets consumed by user and group networks

NUTML-12016 And_newer Reporting

Websec reporting didn’t work correctly after update to v9.201

NUTML-12017 And_newer Reporting

Departments in web security reporting are only viewable with filter „any time“

NUTML-12018 And_newer Reporting

Extended information from web security reporting results table shows nothing

NUTML-12019 And_newer Management - Backup/Restore

It’s not possible to send automatic backups if INFO-011 is disabled

NUTML-12020 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Default exception for chrome updater/installer [9.2]

NUTML-12021 And_newer RED

RED disconnect during high load on the utm

NUTML-12022 And_newer WebAdmin

Packetfilter rules numbering in webadmin and livelog doesn’t match

NUTML-12023 And_newer Authentication - Active Directory

Joining the domain fails on W2K12 server when smb 1.0 is not installed

NUTML-12024 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Outlook anywhere behind the WAF didn’t work

NUTML-12025 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Policy tester returns wrong group membership if local security groups are used (groups in groups)

NUTML-12026 And_newer Authentication

OTP is not useable when the password has numeric characters

NUTML-12027 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Syntax error on line 1 of /usr/apache/conf/waf/modsecurity_crs_sql_injection_attacks.skip

NUTML-12028 And_newer Network – DHCP, DNS, NTP

Adding a host definition with DNS name „localhost“ breaks named.conf

NUTML-12029 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy does not load shelter list when http proxy is in transparent mode

NUTML-12030 And_newer Reporting

Webadmin runs into timeout during lengthy report generation

NUTML-12031 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

No global status button for the reverseproxy anymore

NUTML-12032 And_newer Network – DHCP, DNS, NTP

DynDNS: IPv6 limitations

NUTML-12033 And_newer Appliance Hardware

Power on issues on SG310 appliance

NUTML-12034 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Broken quarantine report in OWA 2010 non light version

NUTML-12035 And_newer Appliance Hardware

Detected Hardware Unit Hang and Reset adapter unexpectedly still exists (82583V / UTM 120r5)

NUTML-12036 And_newer Email Protection - SMTP

Microsoft Exchange 2013 changed behavior of RCPT verification with callout

NUTML-12037 And_newer Wireless Protection

[NUTM-1141] Changed behavior how NAC enforce WiFi connections

NUTML-12038 And_newer Reporting

Failed login reported from wrong IP Address

NUTML-12039 And_newer Authentication

Transparent AD SSO user profile still matches if user is switched on workstation

NUTML-12040 And_newer Management - Licensing

MSP license settings not visible in SUM dashboard

NUTML-12041 And_newer Appliance Hardware

Network chipset 82574L ( UTM 220 rev 4/5, UTM 320 rev 4/5) :Detected Hardware Unit Hang / Reset adapter unexpectedly

NUTML-12042 And_newer Reporting

Reporting: Graphs and values in mail reporting are inconsistent

NUTML-12043 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

RDWeb via WAF is not possible on customers site

NUTML-12044 And_newer Application Control

Bittorrent traffic not being blocked

NUTML-12045 And_newer Network - Interfaces

UMTS modem: UTM needs reboot to detect device after installation

NUTML-12046 And_newer Online Help & Documentation

Usage of standard „domain user“ AD group for rev. auth in WAF is not possible

NUTML-12047 And_newer Wireless Protection

Special characters in SSID lead to an awed crash [9.3]

NUTML-12048 And_newer Management – Up2Date

up2date installation fails if previously running up2date download process is still running

NUTML-12049 And_newer Antivirus Engines

UTM Sophos Scanner for EMails runs in timeout

NUTML-12050 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Netflix IOS app not working via transparent http proxy

NUTML-12051 And_newer Wireless Protection

Wifi: after upgrade from 9.2 -> 9.3 awe_status is 0

NUTML-12052 And_newer Wireless Protection

psk and ssid with a are wrong in confd

NUTML-12053 And_newer

Slave stays in „syncing“ state after update to 9.300

NUTML-12054 And_newer Wireless Protection

Wifi: rt2x00queue_write_tx_frame: Error – Dropping frame due to full tx queue 2

NUTML-12055 And_newer SUM

Network objects with interface bindings get overwritten from SUM

NUTML-12056 And_newer

Userportal – adding multiple addresses to whitelist/blacklist does not work

NUTML-12057 And_newer Email Protection - SMTP

BATV messed up SMTP proxy message handling

NUTML-12058 And_newer Authentication

SSO login on UTM devices not working if useraccount contains a ‚@‘

NUTML-12059 And_newer Network Protection – Packetfilter & NAT

prevent „ulogd: ct1: nl_recvmsgs: Try again“ error message in system.log

NUTML-12060 And_newer Backend / Base System

Problem with display of „connected clients“ in webadmin when using L2TP with Radius auth

NUTML-12061 And_newer Network Protection – IPS and C&C

Snort manual rule modification didn’t match for pre-processor IDs

NUTML-12062 And_newer SUM

Device Agent reports wrong RED interface link state

NUTML-12063 And_newer WebAdmin

Log Files are not visible in Webadmin after Update to 9.210

NUTML-12064 And_newer Email Protection - SMTP

SMTP Proxy in Profile Mode: failed to open /etc/exim.conf.senderblacklist/REF_SMTPGlobalProfile

NUTML-12065 And_newer RED

Bridge with a RED interface and some other Ethernet doesn’t work after Update to v9.3

NUTML-12066 And_newer HA (High Availability) High Availability - Cluster

Slave node in RESERVED mode with 9.304, although this mode never activated

NUTML-12067 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Complete download from a webserver behind the WAF is not possible

NUTML-12068 And_newer Email Protection - Encryption

SPX encryption kills attachments

NUTML-12069 And_newer Wireless Protection

Bridge with a Wifi interface and some other Ethernet doesn’t work after Update to v9.3

NUTML-12070 And_newer WebAdmin

Script error issue with large Network Group objects

NUTML-12071 And_newer Application Control

AFC detects some different traffic as FREENET

NUTML-12072 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Since few days is not reachable anymore

NUTML-12073 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Issue with WAF Rev. Auth. and OTP

NUTML-12074 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

https enduser message not shown in AD SSO mode

NUTML-12075 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Various segfaults after 9.308

NUTML-12076 And_newer Wireless Protection

AP10/AP30 – auto channel selection always selects channel 1

NUTML-12077 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Upload of Eicar virus is possible with OWA Full when Silverlight is enabled

NUTML-12078 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Official Microsoft Android RDP application didn’t work with WAF

NUTML-12079 And_newer Backend / Base System

Cannot query NTP peers from remote host

NUTML-12080 And_newer SUM

OBJECT_NAMESPACE collision when whitelist/blacklist with identical name is deployed via SUM

NUTML-12081 And_newer Web Protection - FTP Proxy

Upload through ftp proxy don’t work directly if the file is bigger then 150 MB

NUTML-12082 And_newer Endpoint Protection Antivirus Engines

exception needed to not block Sophos Cloud updates

NUTML-12083 And_newer Appliance Hardware

SG210 – FlexiPort NIP-51084 not recognized

NUTML-12084 And_newer Management – Up2Date

Manual firmware download via WebAdmin doesn’t work anymore (9.310 regression)

NUTML-12085 And_newer Email Protection - SMTP

False error handling in smtp proxy while using callout recipient verification

NUTML-12086 And_newer Application Control

Ultrasurf not being blocked by Application Control

NUTML-12087 And_newer Backend / Base System

memtest does not work on SG series

NUTML-12088 And_newer Authentication

aua fails to handle passwords with umlaut for http proxy authentication

NUTML-12089 And_newer Email Protection - Encryption

SPX reply portal removes original filename from attachments

NUTML-12090 And_newer Network – DHCP, DNS, NTP

webadmin does not check hostname in a host object (network definition)

NUTML-12091 And_newer Webserver Protection – WAF – Reverse Proxy

Problems with opening word documents from sharepoint via WAF in different browsers

NUTML-12092 And_newer Email Protection - Encryption

Attachments in SPX mails results in a winmail.dat file

NUTML-12093 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy Endpoint Protection

Endpoint client matches wrong HTTP proxy filter action

NUTML-12094 And_newer Application Control

Application control block for „Teamviewer“ didn’t work anymore

NUTML-12095 And_newer HA (High Availability) High Availability - Cluster Network - Interfaces

It is not possible to deactivate HA Link Monitoring for LAG Interface

NUTML-12096 And_newer Backend - Confd

Dashboard is not displayed if you use „Asia/Beijing“ as timezone

NUTML-12097 And_newer Authentication

Transparent AD SSO – b_auth_failed_but_accepted_as_user_any

NUTML-12098 And_newer Reporting

Network usage view in logging and reporting is not possible

NUTML-12099 And_newer Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection duplicated entries

NUTML-12100 And_newer Web Protection – http/s Proxy

Meldung im Log „removing cache, too many local copies“ – Festplatte füllt sich kontinuierlich

NUTML-12101 And_newer Reporting

Daily Executive Report type PDF does not include IPS or ATP section if they are empty

NUTM-10952 Web Protection – http/s Proxy

https pages no longer work with transparent proxy since 9.602